Understand ViaBill with these 4 steps

You order

Place the products you want in the basket and go to the Order page

ViaBill pays

Choose ViaBill as the payment method under Payment type

You receive

You will receive your parcel from the webshop a few days later

You pay

Inspect your product and postpone the payment 30 days

How ViaBill works

ViaBill will be your friend when you shop on the internet. We would like to give you greater flexibility, so that you are able to get the things you want – when you want them. ViaBill allows you to shop at more than 3,100 webshops for $500.

By choosing ViaBill as a payment solution when you shop, you let ViaBill pay the item for you. With ViaBill, you can postpone your payment 30 days. This means that you can get your item now and wait until later before paying for it. With ViaBill, you always get the opportunity to see and try out your item before you pay for it.

Is ViaBill free?

There are fees with some payment solutions, but with ViaBill, it's different. ViaBill is free to use because you avoid interest and fees.