PrestaShop and ViaBill join forces to help you to increase your customers' desire to shop

About PrestaShop

Around the world, more than 270,000 ecommerce stores run on PrestaShop technology. Our mission is to develop world-class ecommerce software through open source innovation. Together with our community, we provide software that enables everyone to have a successful ecommerce business. PrestaShop is on the 2016 Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in Europe. The company also received the 2016 CMS Critic Award for Best eCommerce Software.

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Increase your customers’ desire to shop with ViaBill

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ViaBill is the leading “Try, before you buy” and “Pay later” payment solution throughout the world. We’re putting the customer in focus and allow them to pay on their terms whether that’s now or later. You can get started in just 2 steps by downloading and activating the module in your PrestaShop back-office - simple, fast and easy!

How customers pay with ViaBill

The customer chooses

Your customer chooses ViaBill as the payment solution when they order a product from your webshop

ViaBill pays

ViaBill pays the WHOLE order for your customer so that your customer is able to purchase your product "here and now"

The customer pays

The customer postpones the payment for 30 days to ViaBill

Our “Try, before you buy” concept is allowing the customers to overcome the biggest barrier of online shopping - the psychical check of the product; is it the right material, the right color and/or the right size? Unlike any other payment solutions, ViaBill give the customers 30 days to receive, try and return or keep the products before capturing the money from their card - but we pay you right away!

And we protect your business with our Chargeback Protection - No risk, you will always get paid. That means customers tends to buy and keep more lifting your AOV (Average order value) by 32,7% on average. ViaBill also helps convert snoozers to buyers by allowing them to try, before they buy!

Why you should choose ViaBill

Increased basket size

Get a 32.7% bigger basket size. Your customers will have a greater incentive to make an extra purchase online because they get an account of $500 after their first purchase with ViaBill.

Increased conversion

Benefit from increased conversion of 2-3%. With ViaBill, transform browsers into customers by allowing them to delay their payment and use “try, before you buy” option.

No risk of fraud

With ViaBill you don't have to worry about fraud/chargeback as we assume the full credit risk. ViaBill is one of the least expensive solutions as we take a modest transaction fee.

Want to get started?
Get ViaBill today in just 2 steps!

Download the module and activate it in your PrestaShop back-office. ViaBill is already pre-installed and ready to use!
Log in to your ViaBill account or open one in 10 seconds through our direct sign-up process in the module.

Want to learn more about how ViaBill works?
Feel free to contact us on
or give us a call on +45 88 826 826.