Scale your B2C sales with a flexible payment method

ViaBill increases your customers' desire to shop

Flexibility improves your customers’ shopping experience and increases your basket size by 32,7%.

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Boost Your Profits with a Flexible Payment Solution

Having the right payment solutions to accommodate customer needs and expectations is key to growing your e-commerce business.

This includes offering an attractive payment method to customers who are unable or unwilling to pay for their complete orders up front.

ViaBill is the easy and flexible option for those customers – and for businesses looking to grow their profits.

Enable customers to postpone payment and pay in instalments, by offering an attractive and safe alternative to more traditional payment methods. This is the ideal way to improve your conversion rates and basket size.


“Not only are we experiencing an increase in customers because of ViaBill, customers who choose to pay with ViaBill buy more products – and shop more often – than other customers. They even buy more products at full price and return fewer orders.”
– Bjørn Brok, Digital Manager, Stylepit

Coolshop Converts Customers with ViaBill

Few would disagree that the check-out flow is a critical step in the customer journey. Still, not everyone has realized the potential in offering a variety of payment solutions to meet different customers’ preferences and budgets.

Implementing an attractive payment method specifically for the growing number of customers who prefer to postpone or split up payments is an easy way to attract new customers.

Boost conversion rates as well as basket size with ViaBill by offering your customers flexibility, comfort and the freedom of online shopping with less hassle. This approach that is creating a lot of value for Coolshop.


“Along with other initiatives, ViaBill has helped us gain a significant number of new customers, going from 13.000 ViaBill transactions in 2016 to 25.000 in 2017. To us, ViaBill has significant advantages compared to the other payment methods on the market due to the flexibility of the installment-based solution. The process is transparent and easy to understand for our customers, which removes any reservations they might have.”
– Karsten Thomsen, IT Manager, Coolshop

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